photo : Cloé Vignaud

Daniel Piaggio Strandlund was born in Lima, Peru in 1980. Half Swedish, half
Peruvian he grew up in Costa Rica and Sweden. In 2015 he graduated with a Master’s degree in Visual Arts from the School of Arts Ghent KASK. He now lives and works as a photographer and visual artist between Sweden and Belgium.

Marked by an itinerant life, Daniel Piaggio Strandlund creates narratives that
interrogate concepts such as « place » and « home ». His photographs, often penetrated by absence, are an invitation to contemplate our own mystery- we follow
his wanderings through landscapes of extinction, both familiar and exotic.

-Céline Marique, Brussels, 2011

To the foreigner in Brussels- a documentary about Daniel Piaggio Strandlund by Zoe Cheng-click here

2014 C’est pas le Pérou ! duo solo with Cloe Vignaud,Galerie 10/12, Brussels
2013 Té de reina, Theatre Marni, Brussels
2012 lay my hand on you, Galerie 10/12, Brussels


Photography Inc. - Fotomuseum Antwerp, FOMU, curated by Tamara Berghmans
Which side of the screen ? - Dexia Art Center curated by Frederic Collier
Terra Incognita- Kunst Im Tunnel, KIT Düsseldorf, curated by Dorothee Mosters


Extra Fort !- Recyclart art center Brussels, performance/projection with Vincent Delbrouk
Art Wall- pop up gallery Ghent

Té de reina at Les Rencontres Photographiques d’Arles 2013
Té de reina photobook launch at Tipi Bookshop, Brussels
Interfering with peaceful delusion at BeauHaus, Brussels
You I Lanscape Wilderness, Triennale Jeune Création 2013 Luxembourg et Grande Région

wilderness at Nofound Photo Fair 2012, Paris
last but not least Projection Room, Brussels
Ruptures Recyclart, Brussels
Interfering with peaceful delusion, Parcours d’Artistes de Saint Gilles édition 2012
Present ! 300 ans de la Academie Royale des Beaux Art,Centrale Electrique, Brussels
Ce qui reste Projection Room, Brussels

Les finalistes du Prix Pierre Paul Hamesse, Maison cummunale de Saint Gilles, Brussels

Backworlds Detroit Gallery, Stockholm
Now comes the monkey out of the sleeve Recyclart , Brussels
Emerging talents from Belgian schools of photography Galerie 100 titres, Brussels

Feria de Cali Espace Senghor, Brussels
Ancrage Recyclart, Brussels

One day with(out) art Galeria Barracuda, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Fotografías del Usumacinta Centro Nabolom, San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico
Punto de referencia Galería Kabuka, San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

Apagón dummy shortlisted for the 4th International Photobook Dummy Award in Kassel
Prix Pierre Paul Hamesse finalist

Emerging talents from Belgian schools of photography

Té de reina self published photobook as a part of the wilderness publishing project
You I Lanscape exhibition catalog
Revue Batarde # 2 - “le bonheur”

Present ! exhibition catalog
Interfering with peaceful delusion, in collaboration with Celine Marique published by In de Keuken

NY Fotografi, Issue 2 , Stockholm

2014 C’est pas le Pérou ! with Cloe Vignaud Galerie 10/12
2010 Now comes the monkey out of the sleeve Outlandish platform for young photography, Brussels

2015 Master’s degree in Visual Arts School of Arts KASK Ghent, Belgiuam
2010 Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts, Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels
2004 Gestaltande Fotografi, School of Photography,Gamelby , Sweden